The electric blue sports leggings are perfectly suited for large sizes (up to 3XL). Our eco-responsible leggings have a high waist (with lined fabric) to adapt to your figure and ensure support during your sports activities. Our Eucalyptus wood fabric is both comfortable, extremely soft and breathable. You will surely want to wear it outside of your sports activity!

Stretch fabric





Pré-commander signifie acheter un vêtement avant sa production. Cette pratique peut sembler banale, mais elle comporte en réalité de nombreux avantages. 

Avec ce système, nous évitons la surproduction et nous pouvons vous proposer le produit au meilleur prix car il n’y a pas besoin de faire des soldes puisque pas d’invendus. 

Nous ne produisons que ce qui est vendu, ce qui réduit les coûts et minimise les déchets.

Néanmoins, nous produisons environ 5% de stock en plus de ce qui a été pré-commandé pour vous donner la possibilité de changer de taille en cas de non-conformité.

Bien que cela implique un temps d'attente pour vous, c'est ce système qui nous permet d'offrir un rapport qualité-prix exceptionnel.


• Shipment within 2 to 3 days (with exceptions)
• Free in metropolitan France from 70€ of purchase

• You have a period of 30 days after payment of your order to return your items to us if they are not suitable
• Returns offered from France
• Refund one week after receipt of your items

Personalized items are neither exchangeable nor refundable.


While 95% of sportswear manufactured and sold comes from petrochemicals...

At JOG & JIM, we have chosen to free ourselves from polyester (derived from petroleum) to create sportswear in natural and biosourced materials that have all the technical and performance properties (anti-odor, breathability, thermoregulation, etc.) ).

Our fabric is made from wood fibers

To make our fabric, we use Tencel™ yarn from the Austrian company Lenzing. Tencel™ Lyocell is an eco-friendly fiber made from responsibly sourced wood pulp.

A 100% fiber
environmentally friendly

The Tencel™ manufacturing process is eco-responsible. Indeed, the fiber is made by mixing wood pulp, water and a non-toxic solvent. The manufacturing circuit is closed and the whole is 99% recycled.

Manufacturing Transparency


Roubaix - France

It is here, in Roubaix, in the historic heart of the textile industry, that we have decided to set up shop. Driven by a creative dynamic unique in France, we design all of our collections in our offices in Roubaix. We regularly use local players for the prototyping and development phases.


Partner: Samofil
Novais - Portugal

All our fabrics are knitted in our factory in Portugal, in Novais. Equipped with 19 circular knitting machines from brands such as Mayer, Orizio and Monarch, our factory has real know-how in the manufacture of different types of knits, such as Jersey, Interlock, rib, and jacquard.


Partner: Samofil
Porto - Portugal

With 25 years of experience, our factory designs all garments with the utmost care. Directed by Joaquim who trusted us and supported us in our launch since our meeting, the factory has all the modern equipment to produce, with a wide range of sewing machines and cutting machines.

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