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February 2022 | A new brand of colorful and eco-responsible sportswear in Roubaix

February 2022 | Jog & Jim: happy and responsible sportswear

March 2022 | Géraldine Robert and Vincent Godbert launch their business: they tell us

April 2022 | Géraldine and Vincent created Jog et Jim, a different and committed sports brand.

April 2022 | Roubaix. Jog&Jim: they are launching their first orders... and it's working like a charm!

May 2022 | Jog & Jim a sportswear brand made from wood pulp

June 2022 | JOG & JIM: the race to launch a new responsible sportswear brand is accelerating

June 2022 | You are amazing ! Program of 27/06/22 at 12 min 45: JOG & JIM, Anne-Sophie's favorite

July 2022 | They joined forces thanks to the classified ads of Les Echos Entrepreneurs

August 2022 | The Europe 1 Trophies: Jog and Jim, inclusive sportswear in natural materials

September 2022 | JOG & JIM: a new collection of eco-responsible sportswear in the starting blocks

January 2023 | Sports recreation at EuraTech': the new monthly meeting to sweat while having fun

February 2023 | In the marathon of business creation, JOG & JIM finalizes its second collection

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