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While 95% of sportswear manufactured and sold comes from petrochemicals...

At JOG & JIM, we have chosen to free ourselves from polyester (derived from petroleum) to create sportswear in natural and biosourced materials that have all the technical and performance properties (anti-pain, breathability, thermoregulation, etc.) ).

Our fabric is made from wood fibers

To make our fabric, we use Tencel™ yarn from the Austrian company Lenzing. Tencel™ Lyocell is an eco-friendly fiber made from responsibly sourced wood pulp.

100% manufacturing
environmentally friendly

Tencel® fiber is made by mixing wood pulp, water and a natural solvent. The circuit is closed and the whole is 99% recycled. The wood used comes from eco-managed forests.

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◉ Do you run a company or are you a team manager , and do you want to offer your employees?
◉ You are a sports club and you want to equip your players?
◉ Are you organizing a sporting event and want to dress your volunteers?

We offer you eco-responsible and customizable sports t-shirts! We can do embroidery or screen printing of your logos and messages in small series. Our sportswear is made in Portugal with natural and biosourced materials.

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