Exercise while having fun

We all know that physical exercise is good for us, but sometimes it's hard to find the motivation to move. It can help to remember that exercise doesn't have to be a chore – it can be a chance to get outside, enjoy the fresh air and have fun.

At JOG & JIM, we advocate a practice of sport above all based on pleasure and fun. So since we couldn't always find a sports session that conveys this, we decided to create our own. It is from this observation that La Récré Sportive JOG & JIM was born.

Thanks to regressive exercises, inspired by recess games, we spend while having fun!

Every second Tuesday of every month

Fun sports exercises without levels

A fun and musical moment

Our next sessions in Lille

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the level of the sessions?

La Récré Sportive is suitable for all levels. There are different types of physical exercises that are all fun and accessible to everyone. Our sports coach adapts the exercises and sessions if necessary.

Why does it cost 5 euros?

This price allows us to remunerate the sports coach and the frasi associated with this event (room, Evenbrite commission, drinks). We do not make a margin on this event.

Can I come solo?

Yes ! The sessions are designed to create interaction between people. The goal is to experience a moment of sport but also fun ☺

What exercises are offered?

All physical exercises are inspired by recess games. Regressive activities that allow you to exercise while having fun.