Goodbye performance, hello fun!

Today, sport is associated with performance and surpassing oneself. On top of that, almost all sportswear is made of polyester, with disastrous consequences for our planet.

At JOG & JIM, we decided to do just the opposite.

We offer technical and eco-responsible sportswear, made locally and in inclusive sizes.

For what ? Because it is high time to get active to put pleasure back at the heart of sport.


Create sportswear that makes you want to move.

Our clothes are technical

They are breathable and strech to adapt to all your sports practices

Our clothes are natural

Ciao synthetics, hello natural and biosourced materials

Our clothes are as you are

No matter your morphology or your level of practice


JOG & JIM was born from two unique and sporting stories


“When I was younger, I did a lot of swimming, with my family. My dad and my brother were so passionate about performing that they couldn't help but put crazy pressure on me. As you can imagine, it started with a good feeling but little by little, it ended up spoiling my pleasure. For (too) long, I associated sport and pressure and I had a hard time getting back to it. Today, this is no longer the case and I go there with the smile several times a week.”


“For me, sport is nothing but pleasure at the bar. I never put pressure on myself, I practice to feel good, to escape, to break my routine and regain full possession of my body. I have always enjoyed playing sports with lightness. I have a lot of respect for sports performance but above all I am convinced of one thing: the best sportsman is the one who takes the most pleasure.”

JOG & JIM was born from these two different stories and this common desire:
putting pleasure back at the heart of sport.

We dreamed of a sport without pressure .

We dreamed of a sport without victory .

We dreamed of a sport without a winner .

And then one day we stopped dreaming and we did it .

Are you joining us?


Create sportswear that makes you want to move.

And there, you say to yourself, it's all well and good, but how?

To get there, here's what we do.

✦ 01: We put pleasure back at the heart of sport

What if sport was always fun? Performance, times, stress: none of that with us. At Jog & Jim, pleasure is for us the priority of any sports practice. And we intend to fight with a smile so that this becomes the norm: in performance, we choose pleasure; in competition, we choose the collective; to sobriety, we choose the color. For us, the best athlete is the one who takes the most pleasure.

✦ 02: We make sport more inclusive

Come as you Are. Whatever your sport, whatever your level of practice, whatever your morphology, we create sportswear that suits you. We're proud to offer sizes from XS to XXXL so everyone can find their fit and feel great. Also, every month we organize joyful sporting events open to all: the Récrée Sportive. Our goal is simple: to allow you to play sports, while remaining yourself. You come with us ?

✦ 03: We make sport greener

Ciao the synthetic, hello the natural!
Polyester sucks and it's sadly what makes up the bulk of activewear today. We tackle the problem at the source by carefully selecting natural materials with remarkable technical properties such as tencel - made from wood fibres. Also, to reduce our impact as much as possible and that your sportswear does not circle the planet twice before arriving on your shoulders, their manufacture takes place locally in Portugal.

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