JOG & JIM presents Paula, Yoga teacher and Entrepreneur. She tells us about her perfect leggings and her funniest sports anecdote.

Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Paula, I'm 30 years old. I am from Lille. I am both a yoga teacher (@namastesurtoi) and an entrepreneur (@deuxiemesoi), and I am a former product manager in textiles.

What is your vision of sport and what do you like the most in sport?

For me, sport is about feeling good above all else. What I prefer is the feeling after the sport, the post-sport exhaustion side, the "that's it, I did it, I'm happy and I feel like I've done something with my body". I have a pretty fun vision of sport, I love playing sport with my friends even if I understand that sometimes you shouldn't wait for your friends otherwise you won't do anything *laughs* . I like to test a lot of different sports, I've never really had a sport that I've kept for years, apart from yoga, I like to test a lot of stuff, the principle is to have fun. . It's very Jog & Jim, isn't it? *laughs*

Could you tell us your worst sporting anecdote?

I have something that comes to mind that I remembered not long ago but it's not about me, it's about a girl I was with in college. We were wrestling and we had to grab each other's legs, so I grabbed her legs but when I tackled her, her pants got in my hands *laughs* . And we were in college so imagine. She fell a little sideways with her pants coming down and I still remember her face when she caught that her pants were down. Luckily no one saw anything except me and I was like “I'm sorry, I'm sorry” because I was too uncomfortable for her but no one saw anything. I was really uncomfortable.

More uncomfortable than her?

No, maybe not more than her *laughs*.

What is your greatest pride this year?

For launching Second Self. It's a do it yourself upcycling brand, which offers boxes to learn how to transform clothes that we no longer wear, lying around in the back of our closets, into new clothes. So we could say that it's not at all related to yoga but ultimately a little because it still affects the pride of “doing oneself” and therefore personal development. I've always liked creating things with my hands because you have this pre-meditative side that you also find in yoga, everything is in the connection to the body and nothing else matters besides.

My second greatest pride is that I had to reduce my yoga classes to help the development of the Second Self, I only kept one class a week and despite that I still have my students who stay and who are there “we don't care if there are fewer classes, there's one a week and we don't miss it”. And that makes me happy.

Can you describe your dream sportswear in terms of cut, color, etc.? ?

So I have leggings that I love. Well, I'm not very proud of where I bought it, but in terms of fit, I love it so much I wish I had it in 10 colors! It's a legging that is very high waisted and for all that, it is not too useful. It is tight at the level of the thighs, the knees, and after that goes into bell bottoms but cuts a little 70s-80s and I find it great because even with sneakers to go running, you don't take the feet in it and it's like a second skin. So I would love to have this garment in every possible color.

And a color in particular?

I am very blue so I would like a duck blue a little darker, blue-green what. I entrust you with this mission!