JOG & JIM presents Myla Al Messa, artistic director, choreographer, dancer, multidisciplinary artist

Could you please introduce yourself? 

I am Myla Al Messa, I am artistic director, choreographer, dancer, multidisciplinary artist (I paint, draw, write poetry, play music). I practice a large number of arts including a martial art called Bodao which is a martial art of the long stick, I am the founder of Bodao in France. It's a defense martial art that I adapted to dance, so it's Bô Dance.


What is your vision of sport and what do you like the most in sport? 

Sport for me is an ideal, it's a form of well-being, it's a way of life. Since I was little I have been doing sports almost every day so it's part of who I am. For me sport is a great way to be alive, to feel in good shape and to clear your head. And what I like the most in sport, I would say, is sweating, I love sweating *laughs* afterwards, I also really like the challenge that I find in sport.


Could you tell me your worst sporting anecdote? 

I haven't really had a bad time in sports. But I have an anecdote from when I was running cross country races and marathons. I was running a regional cross, it was completely muddy, we were running in the forest, the conditions were very difficult and everyone was equipped with spiked shoes and I only had smooth sneakers and I was dressed in all black so on the microphone they kept saying “and the black cat is always first in the race”, it was me. And I kept falling and getting up, and falling again, and 20 meters from the finish I was overtaken…


What is your greatest pride this year? 

I think it was from being able to fly hanging under a bridge. I was lucky enough to be able to do an aerial dance show while hanging under a bridge and it was magical. It was a dream I had and it came true.


Could you describe your dream sportswear to me? 

I love colorful clothes, which fart and which are super flexible because in what I practice I cannot have cotton or synthetic which does not stretch. And if it can absorb perspiration without staining, that's cool. I also need clothes close to the body if I do aerial dance in particular and I really like everything with straps.